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Energy, Passion, People, and the World Domination Summit

A couple weeks ago I got home from my first trip to the World Domination Summit. It gets quite a bit of hype and I was a little worried it wouldn’t live up to it.

Since returning from the whirlwind weekend, I’ve been thinking so much about my overall experience. And with the two weeks behind me the single biggest message I am carrying with me comes from Darren Rowse:

What's Giving You Energy

“What is giving you energy?”

He talked about the way people say things like “follow your passion” and “do the thing you’re passionate about.” But how can you know what you’re passionate about if you haven’t done it? He said he didn’t know his passion would be blogging and digital photography until he’d been doing it for a while. So if something is giving you energy, then do that. You might discover your passion—or your passion-for-now.

This feels so right because some of us might be feeling like we want to learn a new skill, or try a new technique but dismiss it because we might feel “guilty” or think we’re “wasting time” on frivolous things because it isn’t in our business plan or because we all have enough to do already.

But I say go for it! Even if you don’t fall in love with it at least you’ll know and won’t wonder “what if.” Or maybe, just maybe, you WILL find your new passion that will propel you into the future.

It’s okay if your passions shift and evolve over time. Wouldn’t life get pretty boring if they didn’t?

I certainly think so.

A Crowd at WDS

So, do I think WDS lived up to the hype? Yes! It’s in my plans to go again. I met some of the most amazing people, and I believe they are “my” people. And that’s something that’s giving me energy.

What’s giving you energy right now?