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On October 18th, the opening match of the 2020 First Land China Open Amateur League ended in the spring-like Yunnan Kunming Economic Development Zone Cultural and Sports Center. Nearly 300 amateur tennis players started the men's singles, women's singles, and women's singles at the 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 levels. In the men's doubles and mixed doubles championships, the champions of all levels will represent Kunming and players from other regions in the year-end finals in Beijing in December to start the ultimate PK battle for the king, and compete for the 2020 First Real Estate China Open Amateur League championship glory.


   Kunming, as an important town of tennis in the southwest, assumes the responsibility of the opening match of the 2020 China Open Amateur League. The event strictly follows the requirements of epidemic prevention and control, and all contestants go through strict epidemic prevention inspections, health code registration, temperature measurement and other procedures before entering the stadium. In the two-day competition, the players fully demonstrated their skills while enjoying the joy of tennis. Especially in the final finals, many events staged wonderful peak duels. In the end, Sun Ting, Li Jiajun/Sun Ting won The highest level of 5.0 men's singles, 5.0 men's doubles champions, and other championships and runners-ups in various events at various levels were also produced. Tan Bi, Secretary-General of the Kunming Tennis Association, Wang Dan, General Manager of Business Services and Key Account Department of Beijing China Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., Chen Zhen, Director of Player Service Department, Beijing China Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., Beijing China Open Fu Qiushi, director of the on-site consumer project team of Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., and Xu Peng, director of China Open Amateur League of Beijing Capital Land, presented awards to each level. The top four, the runner-up, and the champion received bonuses ranging from 500 yuan, 1,000 yuan and 2,000 yuan, respectively. The champion and runner-up also received trendy tennis equipment.


   Faced with the special situation of this year, the China Open has faced up to difficulties, carefully planned the 2020 China Open Amateur League, and insisted on using sports to deliver positive energy to the society. 2020 is the 12th year that the China Open Amateur League tournament will be held, and the tournament will usher in a new upgrade. The new event service platform not only satisfies basic functions such as registration of contestants and inquiries about event information, contestants can also download and upload exciting photos and exciting videos of the game through the service platform, and share the excitement with golfers. The champions of all levels of the competition can not only get high prizes and trophies, but also get customized photos of the championship glory like the champions of the China Open, and truly become the idols in everyone's minds.

面对今年的特殊情况,中国公开赛面临困难,精心策划了2020年中国公开赛业余联赛,并坚持利用体育为社会带来积极能量。 2020年将是中国公开业余联赛锦标赛举办的第12年,该锦标赛将迎来新的升级。新的赛事服务平台不仅满足基本功能,例如参赛者注册和赛事信息查询,而且参赛者还可以通过该服务平台下载和上传游戏的精彩照片和精彩视频,并与高尔夫球手分享兴奋。各级比赛的冠军不仅可以获得高额的奖杯和奖杯,而且还能像中国公开赛的冠军一样获得定制化的冠军荣耀照片,真正成为每个人心目中的偶像好运彩票。

Every year in the traditional Chinese season, tennis enthusiasts will come to the China Open to get close to the stars. The 2020 China Open Amateur League will provide Kunming golfers with super benefits face-to-face with the stars. Grand Slam doubles champion and former doubles champion Peng Shuai Play five games of "Challenge Grand Slam Championship" with ten lucky golfers. At the fan meeting, Peng Shuai interacted with everyone in-depth, allowing everyone to thoroughly become addicted to star chasing.

每年在传统的中国赛季,网球爱好者都会来中国公开赛,与明星们保持亲密接触。 2020年中国公开赛业余联赛将为昆明高尔夫球手提供与明星面对面的超级好处。大满贯双打冠军和前双打冠军彭帅与十名幸运高尔夫球手一起参加“挑战大满贯冠军赛”的五场比赛。在粉丝见面会上,彭帅与所有人进行了深入的互动,使每个人都完全沉迷于追星。

Beijing Capital Land has always adhered to the corporate philosophy of "creating and enjoying a beautiful new life", constantly exploring new ways of living in a healthy and green society at present, continuing to study the multiple perceptions of the "beautiful" life of the Chinese people, and enriching diverse sector resources to promote real estate and sports The integrated development of industries such as, health, technology and culture. Beijing Capital Land has been stationed in Kunming since 2017, and has successively created Beijing Capital Outlet, Capital City Happy Spring City, Capital City Future City. In 2020, Beijing Capital Land will continue to "empower" Kunming and lay out an airport metropolis life city— —The first creation•Yuhuazhou, to set up a benchmark for new urbanization in the Central Yunnan New Area.

北京首都置地始终坚持“创造和享受美好新生活”的企业理念,目前不断探索健康绿色社会的新生活方式,继续研究人们对“美好”生活的多种看法。中国人民,丰富各种行业资源以促进房地产和体育健康,技术和文化等产业的综合发展。北京首都地产自2017年起进驻昆明,先后创建了北京首都奥特莱斯,首都欢乐春城,首都未来城。 2020年,北京首都土地将继续“赋权”昆明,并规划一个机场大都市生活城市-第一个创建者-雨花洲,为云南中部新区的新型城市化树立基准。

After the successful conclusion of Kunming Station, the 2020 China Open Amateur League will come to Chongqing, Chengdu, Beijing, Wuhan, Shenyang, Shanghai and other vibrant cities in the next two months. The second stop of Chongqing Station will be October 31. From November 1st to November 1st, the Cathy International Tennis Club will be played hotly. Registrations for other competition areas are also open. Tennis fans can log on to the official website of the event (http://cat.chinaopen.com) to register online.


   2020 Beijing Capital Land China Open Amateur League is sponsored by Beijing China Tennis Open Sports Promotion Co., Ltd., Beijing Capital Land is title sponsor, the honorary sponsors are Beijing Capital Group and Beijing Capital, and the joint sponsorship is Beijing Capital Environment and Capital Guarantee. In today's challenging society, it is the common goal of all people to pursue, challenge quality and enjoy the beauty forever. The promotion activities of the 2020 China Open Amateur League show the pattern and sense of responsibility of Beijing Capital Group as a state-owned enterprise, and reflect the China Open. The determination to promote and popularize tennis, stimulate urban vitality through tennis, deliver more positive energy to the society, let more people feel the charm of tennis, experience the joy of tennis, and contribute to the promotion of national fitness and national health, and the building of a sports power.

2020年北京首都土地中国公开赛业余联赛由北京中国网球公开赛体育促进有限公司赞助,北京首都土地为冠名赞助商,荣誉赞助商为北京首都集团和北京首都,联合赞助商为北京首都环境和资金保证。在当今充满挑战的社会中,永远追求,挑战品质并享受美丽是所有人的共同目标。 2020年中国公开赛业余联赛的促销活动展示了北京首都集团作为国有企业的模式和责任感,并反映了中国公开赛。决心促进和普及网球,通过网球激发城市活力,为社会提供更多积极能量,让更多的人感受到网球的魅力,体验网球的快乐,并为促进国民健身和国民健康做出贡献,以及体育强国的建设。

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