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Boris Johnson’s “catch” is undoubtedly a limited edition irony of the British government’s “herd immunity” strategy. Of course, the British Prime Minister who is in isolation has already stated on social platforms: “We will still continue to lead the government through video conferences. Work to fight the new crown pneumonia epidemic". At this point, Boris Johnson demonstrated the rigid demeanor of the leaders of major powers, but the arrogant and unyielding character of the owner of No. 10 Downing Street also contributed to it. Don't forget that he is a staunch Brexitist.

鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)的“接班人”无疑是对英国政府“放牧豁免权”战略的讽刺。当然,孤立的英国首相已经在社交平台上表示:“我们仍将继续通过视频会议领导政府。努力抗击新的王冠性肺炎”。在这一点上,鲍里斯·约翰逊表现出大国领导人的严厉举止,但唐宁街10号所有人的傲慢和不屈不挠的性格也促成了这一点。忘记他是一个坚定的布雷克西蒂。

Boris Johnson’s father was a member of the Conservative Party and served in the European Commission and the World Bank in the 1970s. His mother was a painter. His grandfather was the chairman of the Human Rights Committee of the European Commission. Boris, who grew up holding a golden key, was a Rich second generation, but has been committed to becoming an elite.

鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)的父亲是保守党的一员,并于1970年代在欧洲委员会和世界银行任职。他的母亲是画家。他的祖父曾任欧洲委员会人权委员会主席。拥有金钥匙长大的鲍里斯(Boris)是富二代,但一直致力于成为精英。

Boris Johnson, who was instilled with a strong sense of competition since he was a child, has a heart for No. 1 in every field he involves. Received a scholarship when he attended the famous aristocratic school Eton College, served as the chairman of the student union at Oxford University, and was elected chairman of the debate club known as the "cradle of politicians", even the "iconic messy blonde" that is often ridiculed by the public now He grew up wishing.

鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)自小就被灌输了强烈的竞争意识,他在所涉各个领域都雄心勃勃。当他进入著名的贵族学校伊顿公学获得奖学金时,曾担任牛津大学学生会主席,并当选为被称为“政客摇篮”,甚至是“标志性凌乱的金发女郎”的辩论俱乐部主席。如今,他长大了,希望被公众嘲笑。

After graduating, Johnson, who has always been "subject to his orders," worked as a reporter for the Times and as the editor-in-chief of the right-wing magazine "The Spectator", which laid a solid foundation for his future political career. From the Conservative Party member to the Mayor of London, from the Minister of Foreign Affairs to the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, although his political career has been twists and turns, and even encountered betrayal by allies, Boris, who has been "climbing up", is a winner in life.

毕业后,一直遵从他的命令的约翰逊担任《泰晤士报》的记者,并担任右翼杂志《观众》的主编,这为他的未来奠定了坚实的基础。政治生涯。从保守党成员到伦敦市长,从外交部长到联合王国首相,尽管他的政治生涯是曲折的,甚至遇到了盟友鲍里斯的背叛,鲍里斯一直在“攀登”。 ”,是人生的胜利者。

Boris Johnson, a journalist, has obvious personal traces of "government in the pen", but he is neither a sentimental poet nor a philosopher sitting on the road. More people are in his unique style It is determined that Boris, who was born in a British family, is a full political believer.

记者鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)有着明显的“笔下的政府”的个人痕迹,但他既不是一位感性的诗人,也不是一位坐在路上的哲学家。越来越多的人以他独特的风格确定出生于英国家庭的鲍里斯(Boris)是一位全面的政治信仰者。

In some ways, Boris and Trump are very similar. They were both born in New York. They were both blonde and opportunists. Even the campaign slogan was surprisingly consistent: "Make Britain (US) greater". "The Economist" once commented on him: "In addition to being narcissistic, lazy, and liking to take advantage of others, both Boris and Trump have a talent for turning black and white."

在某些方面,鲍里斯和特朗普非常相似。他们俩都出生在纽约。他们都是金发碧眼的机会主义者。甚至竞选口号也令人惊讶地一致:“使英国(美国)变得更大”。 “经济学人”曾经评论过他:“鲍里斯和特朗普除了自恋,懒惰和喜欢利用别人的优势外,都具有变白的天赋。”

But compared to Trump, who was a businessman, Boris’s political career is more complete, and there are even many unknown aspects. For example, he has published 11 books in total, "The Spirit of London" and "Churchill" which have been translated in multiple languages. "Spirit" is one of the representatives, and aside from the political body of the British Prime Minister, he also has an indissoluble bond with sports in the mortal body.

但是,与作为商人的特朗普相比,鲍里斯的政治生涯更加完整,甚至还有许多未知的方面。例如,他总共出版了11本书,《伦敦精神》和《丘吉尔》已经翻译成多种语言。 “精神”是代表之一,除了英国首相的政治机构外,他与凡人身上的体育运动也有着不可分割的联系。

Since serving as the Mayor of London in 2008, Boris has been riding his bicycle to the office every day in a suit and a straight suit. He is often photographed by reporters of racing with passersby. After all, "competition" belongs to his subconscious behavior. , But biking is obviously not a “talent for reversing black and white” and was forced to change transportation after being elected as the British Foreign Secretary in 2016.

自2008年担任伦敦市长以来,鲍里斯(Boris)每天都穿着西装和直筒西装骑着自行车去办公室。他经常被与路人赛跑的记者拍照。毕竟,“竞争”属于他的潜意识行为。 ,但是骑自行车显然不是“颠倒黑白的才能”,在2016年当选英国外交大臣后,自行车被迫改变交通方式。

Boris is a well-known bicycle "enthusiast". He once shed tears when his beloved bicycle was stolen. Even after he was elected prime minister, when his friends asked him what kind of Christmas gifts he wanted, he didn't care about his identity as prime minister. I want a bicycle". This is his personal hobby, but it can also be understood as his sports complex.


The most obvious example is that during his tenure as the mayor of London, the street bike rental project he led was called "Boris Bike". At that time, the British people called the London Olympics the "Boris Olympics" for this purpose, in order to encourage the use of bicycles. "Traveling", but after the Olympics, it developed into the annual Prudential Cup London-Surrey 100-mile cycling race.

最明显的例子是,在他担任伦敦市长期间,他领导的街头自行车租赁项目被称为“鲍里斯自行车”。当时,英国人为此目的将伦敦奥运会称为“鲍里斯奥运会”,以鼓励人们使用自行车。 “旅行”,但在奥运会之后,它发展成为年度保诚杯伦敦-萨里100英里自行车赛。

Boris Johnson, who was elected mayor of London only three months in 2008, received the Olympic flag from the Olympic Committee President Rogge at the closing ceremony of the Beijing Olympics. It was from that moment that he really left. Entered the field of vision of a Chinese reporter, but obviously, this is not the first close contact between the British Prime Minister and sports.

鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)在2008年当选伦敦市长仅三个月,在北京奥运会闭幕式上从奥林匹克委员会主席罗格(Rogge)手中获得了奥林匹克旗帜。从那一刻起,他才真正离开。进入了中国记者的视野,但是显然,这并不是英国首相与体育界的首次亲密接触。

Eton College where he attended when he was young, the British "national ball" cricket is quite popular, and Oxford Cambridge's rowing event is also world-famous. Although Boris is full of nobility and elite labels, these participations are extremely high. He didn't miss any of Gao's sports events, not to mention a compulsory course for British nobles.


Britain, influenced by Locke’s educational ideology, firmly believes: "A healthy mind exists in a healthy body." Prince Harry is a master of polo, while Prince William is good at rugby, and the two princes’ Eaton alumni Boris Johnson despite his sports performance Not as good as they are, but the sports complex has not been forgotten.


As early as when he was re-elected as mayor of London, someone asked him when he would run for prime minister. Boris threw out the rugby term: "When the ball is kicked out by both sides of the match." But when "real swords and guns" appeared in sports, Boris Johnson did not have the style of a college football player.

早在他再次当选伦敦市长时,就有人问他何时竞选总理。鲍里斯(Boris)抛出了橄榄球一词:“当比赛双方将球踢出时。”但是,当“真正的枪支”出现在体育运动中时,鲍里斯·约翰逊(Boris Johnson)却没有大学橄榄球运动员的风格。

In 2006, at the charity match to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Three Lions winning the World Cup, as the representative of the English player, he put his head on the abdomen of the German player, and shrugged afterwards: "I play rugby and it is normal to play football fouls"; 2015 Visiting Japan and appearing as a guest in a football game he is good at. Boris, wearing leather shoes and a tie, knocked a 10-year-old Japanese boy to the ground. In 2019, he participated in the "Shell Trust Fund" football charity match. As the goalkeeper, he was hit in the body one after another...

2006年,在为纪念三狮队赢得世界杯40周年而举办的慈善比赛中,他作为英国球员的代表将头放在德国球员的腹部,然后耸耸肩:“我打橄榄球,踢足球犯规是正常的”; 2015年访问日本,并作为客人擅长参加足球比赛。鲍里斯(Boris)穿着皮鞋和领带,将一个10岁的日本男孩撞倒在地。 2019年,他参加了“壳牌信托基金”足球慈善比赛。作为守门员,他一次又一次地被击中。

These slightly rough or embarrassing behaviors have been hotly discussed in the public, but in Boris's view, this is nothing. The "playful" he compared Hillary to the sadistic nurse in "Flying Over the Cuckoo's Asylum" many years ago, and laughed at Putin for being like Dobby the elf in "Harry Potter", and even smiled during last year's election campaign. Said: "Believe me, I'm so cheeky in this business."


In a way, it is an emotional waste for the public to expect him to observe the spirit of sportsmanship in the scenes. Whether he is "British Male No. 1" or not, Boris, who likes to talk about others, doesn't mind being someone else's talker. I don't care if I am embarrassed in public.


In the 2012 Olympic Games held in China, when the United Kingdom won the first gold medal, the whole country celebrated. As the mayor, Boris chose to zipline to celebrate. As a result, the rope was stuck in the middle of the road and motionless, and he raised it in a naive manner. The national flag in his hand swayed and he shouted "Come on".


In the eyes of many politicians, Boris, who has made a fool of himself, has created political ugliness, but in his opinion, it is regarded as an alternative honor and has been optimistically continued with a "net celebrity" mentality. After being elected as prime minister last year, the British media randomly interviewed the people for their reasons for voting for him. "Cute" and "funny" have become key words.

在许多政客眼中,自欺欺人的鲍里斯(Boris)造成了政治上的丑陋,但在他看来,这被视为一种替代荣誉,并以“网红”的心态乐观地继续。去年当选总理后,英国媒体出于投票理由随机采访了人民。 “可爱”和“有趣”已成为关键词。

Boris is a natural actor who can not only conform to the "aesthetics" of the elite world, but also integrate with popular pop. The absurd behavior in the eyes of politicians may be his political skills, so after he was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, there was a view of setting him as a "scheming boy".


In addition to politics, there is also a "confused account" about his strong sports complex.


After the father and daughter of Russian defecting spies were poisoned in the United Kingdom in March 2018, Boris called on members of the British royal family to boycott the Russian World Cup. However, when the "Three Lions" reached the top four in the Russian World Cup, he was socializing again with excitement. The media borrowed Bailey's crow mouth: "The World Cup is going home soon."


The famous Lineker directly responded: "Boris is just to cater to the trend."


Compared to this abuse, his injury to Liverpool fans is irreparable. In 2004, Boris, who was the editor of The Bystander, participated in a report on the Hillsborough tragedy. Although the article was not written by him, it was finally published after his approval.

与这种虐待相比,他对利物浦球迷的伤害是无法弥补的。 2004年,《旁观者》的编辑鲍里斯(Boris)参加了关于希尔斯伯勒悲剧的报告。尽管这篇文章不是他写的,但在他批准后终于发表了。

There is a passage that describes it like this: “Liverpool people have persecution delusions, while complaining that they are victims, while enjoying it, they are not willing to accept the fact that their relatives have caused misfortune, but blindly accuse others, wanting to interact with others. The whole society is the enemy". Even if Boris was elected Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, Liverpool is his most unpopular place, let alone Anfield. "


Although Boris has always claimed to be an England fan and a London fan, he is not popular in football circles. Lineker commented on his first day as prime minister: "Boris Johnson is the last person to submit a transfer application, and his team is rushing towards the inevitable demotion." While in


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