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好运彩票-王宝山专门为新援开小灶 间歇期尾声将与鲁能热身

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   At this stage, one of the key tasks of the coach Wang Baoshan and the coaching staff is to help the players regain the morale and confidence lost in the past two months. This is more important than a blockbuster signing.


   Judging from the process of the first stage, there are indeed too many accidents haunting the TEDA team. For example, Wagner was delayed at the beginning of the season. For example, Jonathan and Achim Peng were injured in turn, the "Arsenal" combination that killed all sides last season was broken up, and the TEDA team even used only one or two per game for a long time. A foreign aid appeared.

从第一阶段的过程来看,TEDA团队确实发生了太多事故。例如,瓦格纳在本赛好运彩票季初被推迟。例如,乔纳森(Jonathan)和阿辛(Achim Peng)依次受伤,“阿森纳(Arsenal)”组合在上个赛季杀害了各方,而泰达队甚至长时间每场只使用一两个。出现了外援。

   In the early stage of the first stage, the TEDA team performed poorly. Stillik was dismissed from the position of coach. Wang Baoshan played as a firefighting coach. However, a coaching change can solve some technical and tactical problems, but there are some problems that cannot be solved by a coaching change.

在第一阶段的初期,TEDA团队表现不佳。 Stillik被解雇为教练。王宝山担任消防教练。但是,换教练可以解决一些技术和战术问题,但是有些问题是换教练无法解决的。

What I have to say is that in the long preparation period before the start of this season, TEDA missed the best time to change coaches and adjust the time for foreign aid, because there has been no coach to lead the team for a long time, and the specificity of the game system is insufficient. The team suffered from physical and injury problems during preparations.


Wagner had already begun to terminate the contract with the club, but the club was not vigilant enough to start the introduction of new foreign aid. It did not make necessary assessments and preparations for the weak position of the team, and no players came to the midfield position where the strength was declining each year supplement. Unfortunately, just a week before the start of the game, the only two foreign aids, Jonathan and Achim Peng, were also injured in training.


   After Wang Baoshan came to the team, because the team's early foundation was not well laid, he could not immediately complete the necessary transformation, and his performance still could not be improved. In fact, in the 1-2 loss to Chongqing Modern and the 1-1 draw with Shijiazhuang Yongchang, the TEDA team played a good course, but in the end physical problems became an important reason for the two games.


   In addition, Lima, who joined in the middle of the season, is currently more of a cooperative striker. Although he scored a goal, it is still far from the expectations of the club and the fans. Lima didn't take many shots in the game and spent more time seeking cooperation with his teammates. In the game, Limara went to the wing to play the ball many times, and Achim Peng competed for a header in the penalty area. Perhaps it is too early to say that Lima is a "parallel importer". After all, Wagner last season only started scoring for TEDA after half a season. It's just that for the TEDA team today, there is not much time for trial and error and waiting, goals and victory are the most important.

另外,在赛季中期加盟的利马目前更像是一名合作前锋。尽管他打进了一球,但仍然离俱乐部和球迷的期望还很远。利马在比赛中投篮不多,花了更多时间寻求与队友的合作。在比赛中,利马拉(Limara)多次到边路踢球,阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng)在禁区争夺头球。也许说利马是“平行进口国”还为时过早。毕竟,瓦格纳上个赛季仅在半个赛季之后才开始为TEDA进球。只是对于今天的TEDA团队来说,没有太多的时间进行试错,而等待,进球和胜利才是最重要的。

   Wang Baoshan hurriedly took over and reformed the TEDA team step by step, but first, he had to fix some physical problems. From the last few games, at least TEDA's physical fitness has improved. Just when people thought that the TEDA team saw the hope of winning, the TEDA team was splashed with cold water by the cruel reality. Against the previous seven-game losing streak of the Qingdao Yellow Sea team, TEDA defeated the opponent 0-3. . You know, the TEDA team sent four foreign aids in that game, and the team's physical fitness is improving. In the face of the previous opponents losing streak, the TEDA team's big loss has a lot to do with the problems of the players' morale. This is also the reason why the TEDA club executives feel angry. The club immediately stated after the game that it would "closely" the whole team.

王宝山急忙接手并逐步改革了泰达团队,但首先,他必须解决一些身体问题。从最近几场比赛开始,至少TEDA的身体素质有所改善。当人们以为T​​EDA团队看到了获胜的希望时,TEDA团队就被残酷的现实所泼。面对青岛黄海队此前的七连败,泰达以0-3击败了对手。 。您知道,泰达队在那场比赛中派出了四名外援,球队的身体素质也在不断提高。面对先前的对手连败,泰达队的重大损失与球员的士气问题有很大关系。这也是泰达俱乐部高管感到生气的原因。俱乐部在比赛后立即表示将“紧密”整个团队。

   After the disastrous defeat, the TEDA team performed a larger rotation against the Zall team and sent two foreign aid lineups, Achim Peng and Bastians, to face their opponents. Although it was still difficult to win, the mental state of the TEDA team members in that game was satisfactory. After the game, the players stood around Achim Peng who missed the penalty kick in a warm and comforting scene, at least let people see that the team has not "dispersed", which is also one of the foundations for the next brutal relegation battle. .

在灾难性的失败之后,泰达队对扎尔队进行了更大的轮换,并派出了两个外援阵容,阿奇姆·彭和巴斯蒂安来面对对手。尽管仍然很难取胜,但TEDA团队成员在那场比赛中的心理状态令人满意。比赛结束后,队员们围坐在Achim Peng身边,后者在一个温暖而舒适的场面中错过了点球大战,至少让人们看到了球队还没有“分散”,这也是下一次残酷保级大战的基础之一。 。

There will be a holiday on September 29, and the focus will be on October 1st, and training will start on the 2nd. The TEDA team’s vacation is the shortest among the Chinese Super League teams. The poor performance in the first stage makes the TEDA club aware of the urgency of time, before the relegation battle begins. , Must seize the time to make all preparations, must "stupid bird fly first."

9月29日将是一个假期,重点将在10月1日,而培训将在2月开始。在中超联赛中,泰达队的假期是最短的。第一阶段的糟糕表现使泰达俱乐部意识到了保级战开始之前时间的紧迫性。 ,必须抓紧时间做好一切准备,必须“笨鸟先飞”。

   In the game against Drow, the TEDA team lost multiple opportunities including a penalty kick, and finally drew a goalless draw with their opponents. Without a victory in 14 games, Taida achieved the veritable "first from last" in the first stage of the Super League.


After the match between    and Zall, the TEDA team can finally leave the Suzhou Division, which has been suffering for more than two months. According to the team's plan, the whole team will have a holiday on September 29, but the holiday is actually only two days. On October 1, the team will concentrate and training will begin on the 2nd.

和Zall比赛结束后,泰达队终于可以离开痛苦不已的两个月以上的苏州分区。根据团队的计划,整个团队将在9月29日放假,但实际上放假只有两天。 10月1日,团队将集中精力,并将于2日开始培训。

   Many players from other places used the two-day holiday to go home to take a look and reunite with their families. This is actually one of the ways to forget about bad results and regain their status. On the night of the end of the game, the coaching staff told the players to forget the bad results in the next short vacation, relax with the family, and return to the team with full energy.


   On October 2, the team officially started training. At 4 in the afternoon, all the team members concentrated in the gym and began to practice strength. On the 3rd, it was a full-day training in the morning and afternoon. Prior to this, the coaching staff had prepared a detailed training plan during this interval.

10月2日,团队正式开始训练。下午4点,所有团队成员都集中在体育馆里并开始练习力量。 3日是上午和下午的全天培训。在此之前,教练组已在此期间制定了详细的培训计划。

   Because of the lack of physical reserves in the early stage, the team struggled in the first stage of the game. Many good games were eventually reversed by their opponents due to physical problems in the second half of the game.


   In order to solve the physical problem, it is unscientific to increase the amount blindly. On the 4th, the team had a day off to allow the body to gradually recover and adapt to the rhythm. This requires gradual progress.

为了解决物理问题,盲目增加用量是不科学的。 4日,团队休息了一天,让身体逐渐恢复并适应节奏。这需要逐步取得进展。

   The introduction of Jiang Shenglong, TEDA is also to make up for the previous signing mistakes. After Lei Tenglong and Song Yue have joined the two central defenders, the team is still strengthening at the central defender position, indicating that the previous two signings were not satisfactory. The five internal aid quotas were all used up in the first stage. The team can only start from the direction of U21 free quotas. The 20-year-old Jiang Shenglong became TEDA's target. Negotiations with the Shenhua Club are progressing very smoothly. Joining with no rental fee, Shenhua Club will also bear part of Jiang Shenglong's salary. TEDA has got a player who can strengthen the defensive force, which is really a cost-effective introduction.

开发区姜胜龙的介绍也是为了弥补以前的签字错误。在雷腾龙和宋悦加入两名中后卫之后,球队仍在中后卫位置上加强,这表明前两次的签约都不令人满意。第一阶段已经用完了五个内部援助配额。团队只能从U21免费配额的方向开始。 20岁的蒋胜龙成为泰达的目标。与申花俱乐部的谈判进展非常顺利。除了免费出租,神华俱乐部还将承担江圣龙的部分薪水。泰达拥有一支可以增强防守力量的球员,这确实是一种具有成本效益的引进方式。

Another new aid is Suarez. He has arrived in Tianjin for some time and is about to end the isolation. He is expected to meet with the whole team on the afternoon of the 9th. Before the second stage of the game on the 16th, he can practice time with the team. Not much. The TEDA club has made preparations early. Wang Baoshan will pass on the team's training plan to him every day, and will also give him a special training plan. Suarez is in an isolated room for some possible recovery training. After officially arriving in the team, he will immediately enter the integration stage with the team.


   In this preparation period, whether the offensive and defensive problems can be improved will become a key factor in determining the situation of the team in the second stage.


TEDA has strengthened its personnel in the forward, midfield and defense lines. The overall strength of the team has been greatly improved compared to the first stage. If there are no more accidental injuries, and the second stage Comparing the relegation opponents horizontally, TEDA has enough strength to compete for victory.


   The latest information shows that TEDA's second-stage registration list has undergone major adjustments. Lei Tenglong, Gao Jiarun and Jonathan were revoked registrations, Suarez, Mao Haoyu, and Jiang Shenglong made up for it. Lei Tenglong will play for TEDA until next year. The contract between Jonathan and TEDA expires at the end of the year. Whether the contract will eventually be renewed depends on the final negotiation result of both parties.


   With Jonathan's cancellation of registration, last year's Super League "Arsenal" combination is now only Achim Peng left, his side partners become Suarez and Lima. It needs to be observed whether sparks can be drawn between the three. In the 14 games of the first stage, TEDA only scored 8 goals. It was the only team that did not score in double figures in the Super League. With 8 goals, it was the worst offensive ability in the first stage of the Super League.

随着乔纳森(Jonathan)的取消注册,去年的中超联赛“阿森纳”组合现在只剩下阿奇姆·彭(Achim Peng),他的边搭档成为苏亚雷斯和利马。需要观察三者之间是否会产生火花。在第一阶段的14场比赛中,泰达仅进8球。这是唯一一支在超级联赛中没有双位数得分的球队。拥有8个进球,这是中超联赛第一阶段最差的进攻能力。

Because of the injuries of Jonathan and Achim Peng, TEDA’s offensive staff was not sufficient, which reduced the team’s offensive power. Although Wang Baoshan was making improvements after taking over the team, there were still many wounded and sick. There is no obvious increase in the number of goals scored by the players' ability to grasp.

由于乔纳森(Jonathan)和阿辛(Achim Peng)受伤,泰达的进攻人员不足,这削弱了球队的进攻能力。尽管王宝山接管球队后有所改善,但仍有许多伤病员。玩家掌握球的能力并没有明显增加进球数。

After Ahmedov joined, the team's midfield control increased. He was able to connect the center and front. Both Achim Peng and Lima were able to get the ball more comfortably, but they missed a lot of opportunities. Failed to convert opportunities into goals.

艾哈迈多夫加入后,车队的中场控制权得到了提高。他能够连接中央和正面。彭(Achim Peng)和利马(Lima)都能够更轻松地控球,但他们错失了很多机会。无法将机会转化为目标。

   According to the current recovery situation, the team is expected to usher in a fairly neat lineup in the second stage. Rong Hao, who had been injured before, had been trained independently by his coach from the second half of the first stage of the game. This information was not disclosed in time, leading the outside world to think that Rong Hao was abandoned. In fact, TEDA does not have this arrangement. Rong Hao has scored 3 goals for the team and is a more important and outstanding player for the team.


   Jiang Shenglong's arrival is to help the team solve defensive problems, and his young strength should not be underestimated. TEDA conceded 30 goals in the first stage, although not the most in the Super League, but it can not be compared with the same period last season. It is worth mentioning that when the team has recently started to improve on the offensive end and has a good momentum, the loopholes in the defense line have caused the team to eventually be tied or lose, and it has never been able to win the league. Who is Jiang Shenglong and Song Yue partnering with Bastians? During this interval, Wang Baoshan will make final thoughts based on the training situation.


   After repeated efforts by the club, the players also realized that it was time for no retreat. The only Chinese Super League team in Tianjin needed everyone to work together to keep it in the Super League. Morale and confidence should return after the reinforcements are added.


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