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When I was young, some parents would come over and say: "Don't let your kids play football, it's easy to get round legs, which is ugly." With the advancement of science and the development of the times, if I encounter this situation again, when I grow up, I will return without mercy: "Are you blind? This is called an O-shaped leg"


Strictly speaking, the hoop leg is a kind of O-shaped leg, but it is a serious O-shaped leg. And we see some players with different leg shapes in football. Very few players, choosing to play will not bring people a tightly bound leg.


Loop legs are also called O-shaped legs and knee varus, which is a physical development phenomenon. When the feet are brought together and the legs are fully relaxed, if the two knee joints cannot be brought together, it means that there is an O-shaped leg. The bones of young children are still not fully calcified, and it is considered normal before the age of 2 years.


Generally speaking, the coiled legs of adults are mainly caused by physiology. For example, calcium deficiency, loose muscles and joints in infants, legs deformed by gravity when walking upright; growth is too fast, the skeletal muscles are not fully developed, and the body weight is overloaded; genetics, born with looped legs, there is no way at all . This type of leg is pathological and needs to be adjusted when admitted to the hospital for surgery.


It is very necessary for ordinary people to go to the hospital for treatment if they have a curved leg arc similar to Zambrotta.


The looped legs we are talking about today are more specifically called O-shaped legs. Most of them are caused by abnormal walking and standing methods. These behaviors are hidden around us.


Wearing high heels, unless you have experienced model training specifically, high heels will more or less affect the balance of your calf muscles, resulting in greater force on the outside of the calf, causing O-shaped legs.


When walking outside or with legs crossed, the outer muscles are in a state of tension for a long time, and the inner side is too relaxed, thus forming an O-shaped leg. What needs to be mentioned here is that most sexual behaviors have nothing to do with the distance between the legs. This kind of joke is disgusting.


There is also Japan. Their kneeling style compresses blood vessels and puts a lot of force on the knees, which can easily cause looped legs. However, due to the value of justice, the girl with slightly O-shaped legs turned into a kawaii performance.


What about playing football? You need to make a judgment here. If you love to play football, see if you really have O-shaped legs or just look like them.


There are two indicators for judging the degree of O-shaped legs: "Normal Knee Distance" and "Active Knee Distance". When the ankles, forefoot, etc. of the feet are close together, and the legs and knee joints are upright, measure the small gap inside the knee joints. Distance. The difference is that the former maintains a normal relaxed state, while the latter actively clamps.


According to the size of the normal knee distance and active knee distance, "O-shaped legs" are divided into first degree, second degree, third degree and fourth degree.

根据正常膝盖距离和活动膝盖距离的大小,将“ O形腿”分为第一度,第二度,第三度和第四度。

Normal knee distance below 3 cm, active knee distance of 0 belongs to first degree, normal knee distance below 3 cm, active knee distance of more than 0 belongs to second degree, both ranges belong to mild O-shaped legs; normal knee distance The third degree between 3-6 cm belongs to the moderate O-shaped leg: the normal knee distance greater than 6 cm belongs to the fourth degree, and the severe O-shaped leg belongs to the medical definition of the circle leg.

正常膝盖距离在3 cm以下,活动膝盖距离0属于第一度,正常膝盖距离在3 cm以下,活动膝盖距离大于0属于第二度,两个范围均属于轻度O型腿。正常膝盖距离3-6 cm之间的第三度属于中度O形腿:大于6 cm的正常膝盖距离属于第四度,重度O形腿属于圆腿的医学定义。

Ps: After judging the more anxious friends, you can go directly to the last adjustment chapter.


Eric Witfrov, a sports medicine researcher at Ghent University in Belgium. 550 football players have been studied.

比利时根特大学运动医学研究员Eric Witfrov。研究了550名足球运动员。

The results of the study are clear: football players have an O-leg chance ten times greater than ordinary people. Specifically, one out of every four football players has an outer leg structure.


Studies have shown that since the age of 13, the number of O-shaped football players has increased, and the degree of deformity has increased. Witfrov explains that the cause of this physical change is the asymmetrical force development at the knee joint. The muscles on the inside of the football player’s legs are more developed and shorter than ordinary people. This asymmetry not only leads to rounding of the legs, but also athletes who tie their legs are more likely to be injured.


Are you scared? Rest assured, you are different from professional football players. From the age of 13 to entering the first team, professional athletes have experienced more training than we have eaten. After the game style is fixed, a large number of high-intensity competitions will intensify the use of the calves by the players, and the O-shaped leg is this sport. Compensation.


A professional sport does not have some special occupational diseases. Do you really think football is more than tactics?


Of course, most players with O-shaped legs mainly originated from incorrect postures when they were young, and the muscles formed memories that were more familiar to him.


However, the leg shape of these players cannot be called the lap leg. It is necessary to know that the formation of the lap leg is more affected by genetics and childhood experience. In addition, the players’ unreasonable movement habits and force posture during training make the lap leg appear visible. More exaggerated.


The ancient Brazilian legend Garrincha is a typical round-legged player, and he has had it since his debut. Such defects have made him a legend.


The lap leg is not exclusive to dribbling masters. Jan Waters, who once took the Dutch football player in the 90s, is a standard defensive midfielder. Since I was a child, I have had the problem of lap legs. It is said that my family planned to break and reattach the leg bones. Fortunately, I started football.

盘腿并非运球大师独有。扬·沃特斯(Jan Waters)曾经是90年代的荷兰足球运动员,是一名标准的防守型中场。从我小时候起,我就出现了腿部问题。据说我的家人计划打断并重新固定腿骨。幸运的是,我开始踢足球。

Players like Raul, Carlos and Isco are not paying attention during training, plus the players' personal tendencies.


The core of the O-shaped leg is the imbalance of the calf muscles, the outer soleus muscle is too developed, and the inner soleus muscle is relatively weak. In contrast, the outer side of the lower leg is more prominent. It should be mentioned that human soleus muscle is very long and the upper part is covered by gastrocnemius muscle. The lower part is only visible. If you exercise the eyefish muscle to fully extend it up and down, then your calf will become longer visually.


Players dribbling, changing direction, and cutting inward are all based on the outside force. At the same time, the other foot needs to be pushed outside to follow up. Over time, both sides are developed.


Therefore, for professional players, the phenomenon of rounded legs in kicking mainly comes from individuals, while O-shaped legs are mainly caused by bad habits developed by some players and lack of awareness during training. Football will have O-shaped legs. The focus is on the players themselves. Instead of football this sport.


Regarding adjustments, the previous doctor who investigated football hoop legs gave a very appropriate explanation: "The inner thigh muscles should be straightened frequently, and the outer muscles should be strengthened through some training."


Under normal circumstances, the impact force generated by a person in the process of action, running, and jumping should be evenly distributed throughout the knee joint. Yes, the human body is so magical. Due to the rotation of the outer side of the femur, the O-shaped leg easily concentrates the pressure on the inner side of the knee, causing knee pain and arthritis.


High-intensity kicking will aggravate knee damage, cause excessive cartilage wear, meniscus injuries and other more extreme conditions, and even basic walking difficulties.


To correct O-shaped legs, we must avoid IQ tax. Leggings, special corrective equipment, and small needle knives are all deceptive. No need for much medical knowledge. A person’s weight (even 40 kilograms) can be adjusted with an O-shaped leg that has taken more than ten or even twenty years to develop with a gaiter for two days? Just two toss about the corrector? Can a small needle knife for treating soft tissue be recovered?


Do you know why no one has sold Dali pills in recent years? Do it all.


The essence of the O-shaped leg is the asymmetry of muscle strength at the knee joint. To correct it, you need to start from the angle of muscle balance and restore the stable structure of the knee joint. Of course, this is for mild and moderate O-shaped legs, and severe It is recommended to seek medical attention.


The specific goal of correcting O-shaped legs is to relax the gluteus medius, piriformis and strengthen the inner thigh muscles.


Action 1: Lying on your side with your legs advancing


During training, exert force on the inner thigh to maintain the clamping, pause for 1-2 seconds to fully feel the force of the inner thigh muscles, 2-4 groups per day, 12-15 per group.


Action 2: Sofa Squat


During training, keep your upper body straight, slightly arch your back, and keep your knees and toes in the same direction. Bring your buttocks closer to the sofa. Sit down and immediately stand up straight on your gluteus maximus. After you stand up straight, your buttocks will be tightened with all your strength and feel the force of your buttocks. It should be noted that the knees can be completely tiptoes. According to existing research data, it is best if the knees pass the toes and the whole person is in the number 4 state.


Action 3: Elastic leg adduction


Keep the supporting leg in balance. Slowly move the exerting leg closer to the inner thigh. The process takes 2-3 seconds. The movement must be slow to fully feel the contraction of the inner thigh muscles. If you cannot stand firmly, you can support the wall, but you must keep your body straight. status.


Keep training for the above three movements every day, your O-shaped leg problem will gradually alleviate. This process is relatively long, but you have to believe that compared to the posture that you have spent more than ten or even twenty years, training and correcting The time has been very short.


Finally, do not adjust those fancy movements in your usual walking posture, and keep your normal walking posture. Hold your chest up and relax your back, lift your legs and walk forward. I wish you all get rid of the O-legs and straighten your long legs and move forward.


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